Free Websites for Musicians

Create beautiful websites that represent you and your music, without the hassle or price of traditional web hosts.

Can't Gig Because of COVID-19?

To help support musicians, MooTunes is waiving it’s revenue share on music sales until the Aussie government lifts its ban on large gatherings!


Fully Featured and Flexible Websites

MooTunes allows you to create a gorgeous, endlessly customizable, content focussed website for your music project for free. Create as many pages and blog posts as you like, upload images, embed videos, and organise them with endlessly flexible navigation.

Integrated Music Store

Simply upload your tracks and set a price. Please the audiophiles by selling your music in high definition FLAC formats. At just 10%, our revenue share is the lowest in the business, and we are even waiving that to support artists during the COVID-19 pandemic

Intuitive Webpage Builder

MooTunes is built on the Divi Theme for WordPress, and so inherits the incredibly intuitive and flexible page builder and content editor. We’ve handled all the complicated settings and set up, meaning you can focus on your content.

Maintain Control of Your Music

At MooTunes, we believe artists should have the choice as to how their music is heard. Some are happy to release all their music for free. Others want to be compensated for their work. We put that control into your hands. For each song, you can choose whether you want your fans to be able to listen to the full song, thirty second previews, or even your own custom preview tracks before they buy.

Unlimited Coupon Codes – For Free

Generate them in bulk to sell your music at gigs, throw in with merch, or create limited time promotions to share with your mailing list. The options are endless, and they won’t cost you a cent. Learn more about creating coupons.

Detailed Sales Analytics

Get detailed information about which of your releases are selling and when, and see trends over time. Do it to help understand your fans and how they think, or just to feel good!

Build Your Mailing List

MooTunes integrates directly with Mailchimp, allowing you to build your email mailing list and keep your fans up to date. Add sign up forms to your website, or add a checkbox when users buy your music. Learn how.

Integration with Songkick

Creating a Gig Guide page is easy with MooTunes. With our Songkick Gig Guide Block, you can get your website synced with Songkick in seconds. Learn how.

Multiple User Accounts

Give each member of your band their own user account, either to add more personality to blog posts, or just to avoid sharing passwords! Learn how.

MooTunes Premium


Beautiful Designs Everywhere

Love using the Divi Builder to create a beautiful home page? With MooTunes Premium, you can use it on every post, page and product on your site. Use the Divi Theme Builder to customize your templates and archives and even remove the MooTunes logo from your site.

Custom Domain Names

While is great, is better! With MooTunes Premium you can set your website up at your own domain name (not included).

Make More Money

At just 10%, MooTunes has the lowest revenue share in the business. But with MooTunes Premium, there isn’t a revenue share at all. All the money from sales on your site ends up in your pocket. And with it’s extremely low price, you’re probably better off with Premium than without it!