Welcome to MooTunes!

MooTunes is a brand new service that allows users to create their own fully-flexible website and sell their content online.

What seperates us from other services? All your music will be fully integrated into a fully-customizable artist website, complete with an about page, gig guide, news, music videos, photo galleries, travel blog – whatever you want! Plus, we only take a 10% revenue share on music sold on the site, and allow you to create unlimited coupons to give out or sell at gigs for free.

We also know, due to the restrictions being put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, being a music artist is hard at the moment. So, as a launch promotion, and to help lift the burden, we will be taking 0% from all digital music sold on the site until the Australian government lifts its ban on large gatherings. This means that all the money (minus credit card transaction fees and GST) will be going directly into your pocket.

And with COVID-19 forcing many to stay home, now might be a good time to start working on your website.

So sign up as a beta tester today!