There are three menu positions in the Divi Theme: the Primary Menu, the Secondary Menu and the Footer Menu.

  • The Primary Menu is the main menu that appears on the top of your site.
  • The Secondary Menu appears in a secondary Navigation Bar above the main menu.
  • The Footer Menu appears at the bottom of your page if you delete the default Global Footer in the Divi Theme Builder. This is only available in MooTunes Premium.

Editing the Primary Menu

Go to the Menu section of the admin

From the admin screen, go to Appearance>Menus. If you have multiple Custom Menus set up they will appear in a dropdown menu at the top of the page at the top of the page. Select the menu you want to edit, or create a new one by typing in a name and clicking Create New.

Add Links to your post, pages and categories

Select the items you want to add to your menu and click the “Add to Menu” button. Once you’ve added them, you can reorder them by dragging and dropping. You can also position items in dropdown submenus by dragging them to the right.

Add Custom Links

If you want to add a link to somewhere not on your website (for example, a Bandcamp store), you can add this by adding a Custom Link.

Add links to sections of the Home Page or a different page created with Divi

With the ability to use the Divi Builder on your home page, you may want to create most of your content there instead of on its own page. You could then have a link that scrolls to the section you want. For example, an About link may scroll to the About section on your home page.

If you want to add a link to a section, you need to give it a CSS ID. In the Divi Builder, enter the Section’s Settings, and go to the Advanced Tab. Type an ID in the CSS ID box. For example, “about” for an about section.

You can now link to the section by adding a custom link. Simply paste the URL of the page, followed by a # and the CSS ID. For example,

Menu Locations

Beneath the Menu Structure is the Menu Settings. Choose where you want your menu to appear.

Adding a Secondary Menu

If you want to add a Secondary Menu, you can do so by going to Appearance>Customize>Menus, and then clicking “Create a New Menu”. Give it a name, under “Menu Locations” check “Secondary Menu”, and click Next. You can now edit the menu as you did with the Main Menu.