The first step of creating your website is planning what you want to put on it.

Do you want an About page? A digital music store? A News section? A Gig Guide? Music Videos? A Blog?

Think about what kind of images you want to include with it. Get some photos together as well.

The anatomy of a MooTunes site

A MooTunes website is made up of three main types of content:

  • Products – these appear in your store. Your fans can buy them to get digital downloads of your music releases.
  • Posts – these are pieces of content that can be categorized and ordered by date. You can view a post by itself, or a list of posts by category. Great for news or blogs.
  • Pages – these are pieces of content that stand alone.

Have a think about what type of content you should create for each section of your site.

Some of these are obvious – your blog or news section should be a series of posts. Some are less obvious – do you want to display all your Music Videos on a single page, or categorize them into posts? Do you want a page dedicated to “About”, or just a section of the home page?

Logging in

You can log in by clicking the link at the top of the MooTunes website, or at the bottom of your website.

When you log in, you’ll be taken to your website’s Dashboard. This contains some links to help you, and an overview of your website.

The Admin Bar

At the top of the page is your admin bar. This will also appear at the top of every MooTunes site while you are logged in. There are three main buttons on the admin bar:

  • My Sites – this is a dropdown menu allowing you to switch between your MooTunes sites.
  • Your Site Name – this is a link that switches you from the admin area to view the website as your fans would see it, and vice versa.
  • WP Rocket – this allows you to clear your site’s cache.
  • G’day, Yourname – this provides links to edit your profile (including changing your password) and log out.

When editing content in the admin area, you’ll also see a View Page/Post/Product link in the admin bar.

When viewing your site, you’ll also see:

  • Edit Page/Post/Product – this is a shortcut to edit the content your viewing in the admin area
  • Enable Visual Builder (if available) – this launches the Divi Builder so you can edit the content of the page visually

The Admin Menu

At the left of the admin area, is your main admin menu. There are 15 sections of the admin area:

  • Dashboard – this is the home page of your admin, giving an overview of your site and support links
  • Posts – this is where you can create and edit posts and their categories and tags
  • Media – this is where you can manage your uploaded images and audio files
  • Pages – this is where you can create and edit pages
  • Music Releases – this is where you can manage your Music Releases to generate Digital Download files and Previews

  • Store – this houses a Dashboard for your site’s store, as well as allows you to manage Coupons
  • Products – this is where you can create and edit products, and their categories and tags
  • Analytics – this is where you can view detailed information about your store’s performance
  • Bank – this houses a Statement of all money going in to and out of your MooTunes balance. You can also withdraw money from here.

  • Appearance – this is where you can customize the global appearance of your site, including menus and sidebars
  • Users – this is where you can manage the Users on your site, such as adding your bandmates
  • Options – here you can adjust your sites Options, as well as upgrade to Premium

  • Divi – if you have a Premium Site, this will house the Divi Theme Builder to customize the global templates on your site
  • Mailchimp – here you can add Mailchimp Optin forms for inclusion in your posts, pages and sidebar

Next up: Selling Your Music