Your Mootunes site is set up as a basic store by default, so all you have to do to get started is upload your release and create a product.

Add a Music Release

To add a Music Release, go to your site’s Dashboard and go to Music Releases>Add New. Fill in the information.

Release Information

  • Title: This is the title of the release. It will appear as the Album Name in media players.
  • Album Artwork: You can upload the album artwork as an image file here.
  • Year: This will appear in your the metadata of your music. Some media players will allow listeners to sort their music by release year.
  • Genre: This will appear in your the metadata of your music. Most media players will allow listeners to sort their music by genre.
  • Copyright (optional): This will appear in your the metadata of your music.
  • URL (optional): This will appear in your the metadata of your music.
  • Album Artist: This is not editable, and will be the name of your Artist/Site in MooTunes.

Track Information

  • File: This is the WAV file of the track. It will be converted into AAC, MP3 and FLAC formats for users to download. FLAC files are lossless, so use the highest quality WAV files you have available.
  • Title: The title of the track.
  • Artist (optional): Type in a track artist name here. Useful for featured artists and collaborations. If left blank, your site’s artist name will be used.
  • Composer (optional): This will appear in the track’s metadata.
  • Preview: You can choose whether you want users to be able to listen to a 30 second preview or the Full Song. Alternatively, you could upload a different WAV file to use as a preview.

You can add tracks by clicking the button at the bottom of the page, or remove them by clicking the button in the right hand column. You can also reorder tracks by dragging and dropping the left column.

Once you’re done, click the button on the top right and MooTunes will automatically start creating digital downloads and preview MP3s. You don’t need to keep the page open. Feel free to continue working on other aspects of your website while the conversion takes place. Preview MP3s will now be in the Media Library, so you can embed them whereever you like on your website.

You can edit the Music Release at any time by clicking on “Edit” in the Music Releases section of your admin. When you update your Music Release, the conversion will be completely redone. Old Preview Files will be deleted during this re-convert, so if you’ve embedded them on your site, you’ll need to replace them. You’ll also be able to test your digital downloads and preview files on this page.

Add a Product

To add a Product, go to your site’s Dashboard and go to Products>Add New. Add a Title, and select the Music Release/s you want to include. You can include multiple Music Release/s if you want to create a bundle.

On the right is your product settings. Add a price here.

This is everything you need to create your product. You can click the button to the top right to start selling.

Some More Product Options

Long Description

This will appear on a tab on the product page, alongside the Music Release previews. Here you can add some more detailed information about your release.

Short Description

This will appear beneath the price on product page, alongside the Music Release previews. Add a summary of the product, for example what formats are included in the download (MP3, AAC and FLAC).

Product Categories and Tags

These can help your fans find the Product as your site gets bigger. Fans will be able to click the categories or tags to see a page with all your products with those categories or tags. You can also link directly to these category pages elsewhere on your site, for example in menus.

Product Image

This is the main image that represents the Product on your site. It will default to the album artwork of an included Music Release.

Divi Builder

If you have a Premium MooTunes site, you can create a completely custom product page design with the Divi Builder. Make sure you keep the Woo Price, Woo Add to Cart and Woo Cart Notice somewhere on the page, otherwise it won’t work properly. Learn more at Elegant Themes.

Next up, adding posts and pages.