Setting up Songkick

In your website’s admin, go to Options>Integrations. Paste your Songkick Artist ID into the Artist ID field under Songkick Settings. Your artist ID is the string of numbers found in the URL of your artist’s page on Songkick. For example, Queen’s is 469904.

Adding a Songkick Gig Guide to a Page

If your using the Default Editor, add the Songkick Gig Guide block.

If your using the Divi Builder (for example, on the Home Page), add the Songkick Gig Guide module.


There are two main options that affect the content of the Gig Guide:

  • Number of Shows controls how many shows will be displayed on the page. The default is 10.
  • Show Pagination controls whether or not the results will be paginated. When on, if you have more upcoming shows than what is displayed, these will be seperated into pages. When off, they will not be shown.

The Divi Builder Module also has additional settings to affect the fonts and colours of the Gig Guide.