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Coupons allow you to provide discounts and other promotions to your fans. They also allow you to sell digital products at shows.

Creating a Coupon

  1. Add a new coupon

    Go to + New > Coupon in the toolbar, or Coupons > Add Coupon in the Admin menu.

  2. Give the coupon a code

    This is what your fans will type in to recieve the discount.

  3. Add a description

    This will be shown on printed coupons. If you’re planning to print, we recommend writing a description of how to use the coupon.

  4. Adjust the Coupon Data

    Click here to learn more about Coupon Data.

  5. Publish

    Click the Publish button at the top right. Your coupon can now be used.

Editing a Coupon

  1. Go to Coupons > Coupons in the admin menu and click on the Edit button under the coupon you want to edit.
  2. Edit the coupon data and click Update.

Printing Coupons

  1. Go to Coupons > Coupons in the admin menu.
  2. Check the coupons you want to print.
  3. Under the Bulk Actions dropdown menu at the top of the page select Print and then click Apply.

Bulk Generating Coupons

To bulk generate a coupon, first create a coupon with the data you want, then go to Coupons > Coupon Duplicator. Here you’ll get four options:

  1. Coupon to Duplicate – select the coupon you created here.
  2. Number of Duplicates – how coupons do you want?
  3. Prefix and Suffix – your coupon codes will be randomly generated. If you want, you can add a prefix and suffix to the randomly generated codes.

Once you’ve done this, click Save Changes. You’ll be redirected to the Print screen.

Download Codes

To create download code coupons to sell at shows, create a coupon. Use the following for the Coupon Data:

  • General Settings
    • Discount Type: Percentage Discount
    • Coupon Amount: 100
  • Usage Restriction
    • Products: The product the code is for.
  • Usage Limits
    • Usage limit per coupon: 1

You can then Bulk Generate the number of coupons you want to make.

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