Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are and What We Do

What’s the difference between MooTunes and other website builders?

Most web builders set themselves apart by their website builder and content management system. They put a lot of investment into it, and want it to appeal to as many people as possible.

MooTunes doesn’t do this. It’s built on top of WordPress which is free for anyone to use, and uses an off-the-shelf page builder called the Divi Builder.

How we seperate ourselves is by understanding what musicians need from a website. We make it easy for you to add your content and sell your music, without having to dig through menus and complicated set up. Our documentation and tutorials are targeted at your needs, and are constantly working to add more features that are specifically for musicians.

You can also sell music for free. As far as we’re aware we are the only service allowing you to both sell music and build a website for free. Our Premium options are also cheaper than most other services.

What’s the difference between MooTunes and Bandcamp?

Both Bandcamp and MooTunes allow you to sell music digitally. The difference is MooTunes allows you to do it from within a fully customizable website. MooTunes is also cheaper, offering just a 10% revenue share on digital sales.

That said, we love Bandcamp and think you should sign up there too! It has community features that allow fans to discover you, and also allows you to sell physical merchandise. If you want, you can link to your Bandcamp store in MooTunes, by adding a Custom Link in the Menu.

MooTunes Free

Why are your websites free?

We make money by taking a share of all the revenue made by selling your music on your Mootunes site. We only make money if you make money.

What is the revenue share on music sold on my MooTunes site?

Mootunes takes 10% of all the revenue made on your Mootunes site. This is after tax and processing fees are taken out. For amounts under $7.70, the processing fee is $0.05 + 5%. For amounts over $7.70, the processing fee is $0.30 + 1.75%.

For example, if you were selling an album for $10.00 including GST, the revenue will be split as follows:

  • GST: $0.91
  • Stripe (Credit Card Processing): $0.48
  • MooTunes: $0.86
  • You: $7.75

To support artists during COVID-19, we are waiving our 10% cut until the Australia government removes it’s ban on large gatherings. This means that for a $10 album, you would make $8.61.

Why can I only use the Divi Builder on my Home page?

When we moved to the Divi theme, we did so because we wanted to add flexibility to musicians to create a website that matched their brand. However, with this pro there was a con – anyone that wanted to set up a website could do so for free, and we’d have to either police that or absorb the costs.

While we would love to share the love, our business model relies on musicians using the platform. With the popularity of one-page designs with musicians, we thought the Divi Builder on the Home Page only would be the best of both worlds. If you want to use the Divi Builder more on your website, think about incorportaing your content as Sections on the Home Page rather than as individual pages. You can even link to them in your menus.

If you want to use the Divi Builder on other places in your website, you can do so with MooTunes Premium.

MooTunes Premium

Do I get better support with MooTunes Premium?

No. Unlike other companies, our Free users are not second-class citizens. An upgrade to MooTunes Premium gives you more features and a different revenue share model that may work better for you, but if you don’t upgrade we’ll still acknowledge you exist and help you!

What do you mean there’s no revenue share?

We mean there’s no revenue share. We get no money from sales on your website. Transaction fees and tax will be taken out though.

So when I release my new album, I could just upgrade for 30 days to avoid fees during the release rush?

Good idea!

Does MooTunes Premium come with a Custom Domain?

No. While you can use a Custom Domain, we don’t provide it. You’ll need to buy that seperately from a domain registrar like Godaddy. We do provide an SSL Certificate for your domain though.

Does MooTunes Premium include Email Hosting?

No. If you want a custom email address, you’ll need to buy that seperately. Check out G Suite or Amazon Workmail.

What happens when I downgrade my account?

If you want to downgrade your account, you need to make sure that all the content you want to keep is allowed on a Free MooTunes website. This means going in to edit every piece of Divi content and clicking the “Use the Default Editor” button. If you want you can export a backup of the page in case you want to upgrade again. When your Premium subscription expires, we assume anything that is still built with the Divi builder is unwanted, and delete it. We also reset the Divi Theme Builder to the default configuration and move your site address back to a subdomain.

I upgraded, and there’s still MooTunes branding.

You need to remove it manually. Go to Divi>Theme Builder, and edit or delete the Global Footer.

Music Sales

What are the specs of your digital downloads?

MP3s are stereo at 320kbps.

AACs are stereo at 256kbps.

FLACs are exactly the same quality as your uploaded WAV files.

Can I sell physical merchandise on my Mootunes site?

Not yet… We’re working on it…

For now, you could link to an external website like Bandcamp by adding a custom link to your website’s menu.

Can I sell digital copies of my album at shows, or include them with physical versions of the album?

Yes! You can bulk generate and print coupon codes from the Store>Coupons menu of the Mootunes admin. These are completely free! If you sell a coupon code in person that lets your customer access a MooTunes digital download for free, we won’t charge you anything. You can learn more about selling music at gigs here.

Can I sell in a currency other than AUD?

Not at the moment. If you would like to be able to, let us know.

Building the Website

Can I build a mailing list?

Yes! Check out this tutorial.

Can I embed a gig guide?

Yes! We have integration with Songkick. Add the “Songkick Gig Guide” block to any page in the Default Editor. A Divi Module is also on its way.

Can I change the design of my website?

There are numerous options to change the design with MooTunes in the Customize page and Options page in your site’s admin. You can adjust the fonts, colours, margins, of most of the elements of the page with easy to use controls, or even add Custom CSS for more finetuning. You also have access to the Divi Builder, a complete WYSIWYG page builder, for your site’s home page. With MooTunes Premium, you can use the Divi Builder everywhere on your site and you also gain access to the Divi Theme Builder, which allows you to use the Divi Builder to adjust templates across your website.

Why can’t I (do something that can be done with WordPress)?

We have built our site to work seemlessly and easily for artists. WordPress can be a little complicated for some users, and so we have tried to streamline the features to their needs. There are also some features of WordPress that can cause security issues, or use up resources that we would rather spend elsewhere.

My question wasn’t answered here!

Go to the Documentation and Tutorials section. We’re adding more there all the time. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, see if the WordPress Support Page or Elegant Themes Documentation has the answers your looking for (keep in mind, we have locked away many of the features of WordPress and Divi for various reasons). Otherwise, contact with any questions.