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Sometimes, when you add a new post, you might find some pages on your site don’t update. For example, when you add a new Product, it may not immediately update on your home page.

Whenever you create content or change an option, it gets stored in a database. When someone views a page on your site, the web server fetches all the content and options it needs and generates a HTML webpage. It makes no sense to do this every time a visitor visits a page, so normally a copy of the webpage is saved the first time the server loads it. This is called the cache. MooTunes cache expires after 8 hours.

Caching significantly speeds up your website, as well as reduces the load on our server, saving costs.

Sometimes, the cache may not be 100% up to date. This happens when the server doesn’t realise content has been updated, and so continues to serve an outdated cache. When this happens, you can manually clear the cache by clicking the Clear Cache button in the admin bar.

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