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While a free account is enough for most musicians, you may want some additional premium features.

What Comes With Premium

Use the Visual Builder in More Places

With Premium, you can choose to use the Divi Visual Builder on all your posts, pages and products, not just your home page.

Posts and pages work just like your home page, but products are a little different. Have a look at Elegant Theme’s documentation to learn more.

Divi Theme Builder

With Premium, you’ll also get access to the Divi Theme Builder to give you more control of the global layout of your site. This includes the ability to remove the MooTunes logo from the bottom of your site.

Custom Domain Names

With Premium, you can use your own domain name – i.e. as opposed to Contact us for help with this.

No Revenue Share

Premium has a 0% revenue share. MooTunes will not take a cut of your earnings, meaning you make more money.

How to Get Premium

Go to Options > Premium, select your Premium plan, and click Save Changes. Once you do this, you’ll get a message about an Unpaid Order. Click the link to pay for your subscription.


Premium costs $10 / month or $100 / year.

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