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Media in MooTunes are the images, audio files and any other files you upload to your site. Once you upload media it will be available to you in the Media Library, which you can access whenever you need to insert media into relevant blocks, modules and settings. You can upload and manage Media in various ways.

  1. Go to + New > Media in the toolbar, or Media > Add New in the Admin menu.
  2. Upload media directly from the Upload tab in the Media Library when inserting media into your post or page.
  3. Generate MP3 music previews automatically by creating a Music Release.

Media Metadata

When you upload media, you will be given the option to add metadata. We recommend filling this in, as it can be useful particularly for your blind and visually impaired fans. You can also edit this metadata from the Media section in the admin. Go to Media > Library and select a media file to edit its metadata.

Editing Images

WordPress (the content management system that powers MooTunes) comes with a basic image editor. This allows you to perform basic functions like cropping, rotating and resizing.

Editing Images

  1. Go to the Media Library in the admin

    Go to Media > Library in the admin menu. This will show all your uploaded media.

  2. Select an image

    Click on the image you want to edit. A window will pop up.

  3. Click Edit Image

    You will now be taken to the edit image screen.

  4. Edit your image and click save.

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