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Music Releases

Music Releases in MooTunes are your singles, EPs and albums. When you create a Music Release, MooTunes will automatically:

  1. Generate high quality digital downloads in MP3, AAC and FLAC formats. Your fans will be able to access these when they purchase Products.
  2. Add preview files to your Media Library, allowing you to include them in posts and pages, including a special Music Release Preview block.

Creating a Music Release

  1. Add a new music release

    Go to + New > Music Release in the toolbar, or Music Releases > Add New in the Admin menu.

  2. Fill in the metadata and add upload your files

  3. Create a product (optional)

    Tick the box that says Automatically Create a Digital Download Product and set a price. This gives you less options than creating a product from scratch, but can save a lot of time if you just want to get selling, or want to add more details later. Note that the product will not be available until your conversion is complete.

  4. Publish

    Click the Publish button at the top right. Your digital downloads and previews will begin to be generated. You can check the progress by refreshing the page.

  5. Test your digital downloads and previews

    Once the conversion is finished, links will appear on the Music Release page to test your digital downloads and music releases.

Editing a Music Release

Note: If a conversion is in progress, you can not edit a release.

  1. Go to Music Releases > All Releases in the admin menu and click on the Edit button under the release you want to edit.
  2. Edit the metadata and click Update.


The following fields affect the metadata of the digital downloads and preview files generated. These metadata fields will be used by the various music playback apps your fans use to organise their music libraries.


This is the title of your Release. It will be used as the Album metadata.

Album Artwork

This is the cover art of your release.

Album Artist

This will be the name of your MooTunes site. If this is different to your artist name, you can change it in your General Options.


This is the year your release was originally released.


E.g. rock, pop, hip hop, metal, alternative.


The name of the copyright holder.


A web address for the release. Defaults to your MooTunes site.

Track Metadata

To add a track, click the Add Entry button. You can then add new tracks by clicking the + button on the left.


Use a high quality WAV file as the master file for your music release.


The name of the song.


This defaults to your site name, but you could change it, for example, to include a featured artist or if it is a collaboration.


The names of the songwriters.

Preview Type

This will affect the type of preview we generate. These previews are available in the media library. They will also appear on the page of any product that includes the release.

30 Second Preview

This option will take 30 seconds from the middle of the song. This is a good option if you want people to properly experience a track for the first time once they’ve purchased a release, eg. deep cuts of an album.

Full Song

This is a good option for promotional singles, or if you want your fans to be able to “try before they buy”.

Custom File

Here you can upload a new wav file for the preview. For example, you may want to choose which part of the song to use, or to use an audio watermark.

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