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Posts in MooTunes are a content type that is used for timely, categorized, content. They display in categories in reverse chronological order. You will probably end up using posts for the majority of your website’s content.

As posts get older, your fans have to dig deeper to find them, so make sure you categorize them well.

You should use posts for things such as:

  • News articles
  • Gig announcements
  • Press releases
  • Blog posts
  • Behind the scenes content – like the making of an album, or the set up of a touring rig
  • Gear reviews

Creating a post

  1. Add a new post

    Go to + New > Post in the toolbar, or Posts > Add New in the Admin menu.

  2. Give the post a title

  3. Add your content

    Click here to learn more about using the Default Editor. If you have Premium, you could also use the Visual Builder to create your content, although this can be more time consuming.

  4. Add your post to categories

    These settings can be found on the right sidebar of the WordPress editor, under the Post tab. Learn more about Categories.

  5. Add tags (optional)

    These are general terms associated with your post.

  6. Add a Featured Image (recommended)

    This is an image that represents your post throughout your site, such as on category pages and search results. It will also be included on Facebook links.

  7. Add an excerpt (optional)

    This is a summary of your post contents used throughout your site, such as on category pages and search results, as well as Facebook links.

  8. Publish

    Click the Publish button at the top right.

Editing a post

You can edit a post in two ways.

  1. Navigating to the post in the frontend of your site and clicking Edit Post in the toolbar.
  2. Going to Posts > All Posts in the admin menu and clicking on the Edit button under the post you want to edit.
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