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Products in MooTunes are the items that appear in your store. There are two types of products:

  • Digital Download – These can be purchased on your site, and allow your fans to download your Music Release digital download files.
  • External Product – These simply provide a link to another site where fans can buy the merch or digital goods.

Creating a Product

  1. Add a new product

    Go to + New > Product in the toolbar, or Products > Add New in the Admin menu.

  2. Give the product a title

  3. Add a long description (optional)

    The long description will appear in a description tab beneath the product image and Add to Cart button.

  4. Fill in the Product Information

    – Select whether this is an External Product or Digital Download.
    – If it’s an external product, add in the name of the shop, and web address for the product.
    – If it’s a digital download, add which music releases should be included. You might also want to include music releases for an external product, which will show a preview tab beneath the product image and Add to Cart button.
    – Add a price.

  5. Add a short description (optional)

    The short description appears beneath the price. If it’s a digital download, we recommend “Includes a digital download of the music release in MP3, AAC and FLAC formats”.

  6. Add your product to categories (optional)

    These settings can be found on the right sidebar of the WordPress editor.

  7. Add tags (optional)

    These are general terms associated with your product.

  8. Add a product image

    If you do not add a product image, it will automatically use some cover art from an included music release.

  9. Publish

    Click the publish button at the top right.

Editing a product

You can edit a product in two ways.

  1. Navigating to the product in the frontend of your site and clicking Edit Product in the toolbar.
  2. Going to Products > All Products in the admin menu and clicking on the Edit button under the product you want to edit.
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