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Shows let your fans know where they can see you perform. They appear in Upcoming Shows blocks and modules.

Adding a Show

  1. Go to + New > Show in the toolbar, or Shows > Add New in the Admin menu.
  2. Add in the Show details
    • Date
    • City
    • Venue
    • Additional Info (e.g. other acts, the music festival’s name)
    • Call to Action – to the right of each show is a button. This could say, for example, “Buy Tickets” or “More Info”
    • Link – this is the URL of the page the button will lead to.
  3. Click the Publish button at the top right.

Old shows are automatically deleted once the date passes.

Alternatively, you could fetch shows from Songkick.

Adding a Show Guide to a Page or Post

See the Upcoming Shows Block and Upcoming Shows Module.

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