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Theme Options

The Theme Options page gives you access to basic options about the look of your site. To get there go to Options > Theme Options in the admin menu.

See also the Theme Customizer for more options relating to the look of your site.


By default this will appear on the top left of every page on your site, in the main header bar. If you do not upload a logo, this area will just be blank.


Upload some generic pictures of you or your band here. We’ll use these in the templates you can access in the Divi Library.

Fixed Navigation Bar

When enabled, your header bar will always be visible at the top of the browser window as the user scrolls down the page. When disabled, the header bar will scroll with the rest of your page.

Display Sidebar

The sidebar is an area to the right of your content where you can put essential links and other content. See Widgets for a full list of everything you can do with a sidebar.

Display Featured Image

When enabled, your post or pages Featured Image will be displayed between your post title and content.

Display Slider on Archives

When enabled, a slider will appear at the top of category and other archive pages (eg. author, tag, etc).

Social Links

These links can be enabled in the Header and Navigation section of the Theme Customizer.

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