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Widgets are the blocks of content that you can add to your site’s sidebar. If you want, you can have a sidebar appear to the right of your posts and pages to aid in navigating around your site. Once you enable this you can change what appears in the sidebar by going to Appearance > Widgets in the admin menu, or by going to Your Artist Name > Widgets in the toolbar on the frontend of your site.

You can add most Blocks to your sidebar, plus some additional ones:

  • Navigation Menu
  • Cart
  • Product Tag Cloud
  • Products list
  • Recently Viewed Products list
  • Songkick
  • ET About Me Widget

If you have MooTunes Premium, you can also add Sidebar modules to anything built with the Visual Builder. If you want different sidebars for different pages or templates, you can create new Widget Areas at the bottom of the widgets page in the admin.

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