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Playlist Block

Creating a playlist block will allow you to embed a playlist of music, podcasts, or other sound files right into your page or post.

In order to add a playlist block, click on the inserter icon.

You can also type /playlist and hit enter in a new paragraph block to add one quickly.

Detailed instructions on adding blocks can be found here.

Playlist Type

There are two types of playlist – standard and music release preview. Select Music Release Preview if you want to automatically create a playlist from the preview files of your music release.

Standard Playlist

When you select Standard as your playlist type, you get the option to Select Attatchments. Click this button to launch the media library and select the audio files you want to use. Once you’ve launched the Media Library, you can go to the Upload files tab to upload your own files. Once you’ve selected your files, click Use Attachments.

You can add new tracks by clicking the Select Attachments button again at any time, or delete tracks by click the X icon in the top right of the track. You can also reorder the tracks by dragging and dropping.

Music Release Preview

When you select Music Release Preview as your playlist type you will get the option to select the music release you want to use.

Other Options

There are also some other options to customize the display of the playlist block.

Randomize Order

Check this checkbox to randomize the order.


By default, the playlist will be in light mode. If you want, you can also select Dark Mode here.


If you want you can hide certain elements of the playlist. Check each item you wish to hide.


The Playlist block does not support previews in the editor. Preview the page or post by clicking the Preview button in the top right of the editor and then clicking Preview in New Tab.

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