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Upcoming Shows Module

Creating an upcoming shows module will show a list of upcoming shows right on your home page. You’ll need to first add your upcoming shows – see Adding Shows or Songkick Integration.

How To Add An Upcoming Shows Module

Before you can add a upcoming shows module to your page, you will first need to jump into the Divi Builder by pressing the Enable Visual Builder button at the top of the page. Once you have entered the Visual Builder, you can click the gray plus button to add a new module to your page. New modules can only be added inside of Rows.

Locate the upcoming shows module within the list of modules and click it to add it to your page. The module list is searchable, which means you can also type the word “upcoming” and then click enter to automatically find and add the module! Once the module has been added, you will be greeted with the module’s list of options. These options are separated into three main groups: ContentDesign and Advanced.

Upcoming Shows Content Options

Within the content tab you will find all of the module’s content elements, such as text, images and icons. Anything that controls what appears in your module will always be found within this tab.


Number of Shows

This is the number of shows that will be displayed per page. Default is 10.

Show Pagination

When checked, this will allow your user to page back and forth through multiple pages of shows. When unchecked, only your next shows will be displayed, with any later shows not shown.


Here you can adjust the background color of the songkick module. Select your desired color from the color picker to apply it to your module.

Background Image

If defined, this image will be used as the background for this module. To remove a background image, simply delete the URL from the settings field. Background images will appear above background colors, which means your background color will not be visible when a background image is applied.

Admin Label

This will change the label of the module in the builder for easy identification. When using WireFrame view in the Visual Builder, these labels will appear within the module block in the Divi Builder interface.

Upcoming Shows Design Options

Within the design tab you will find all of the module’s styling options, such as fonts, colors, sizing and spacing. This is the tab you will use to change how your module looks. Every Divi module has a long list of design settings that you can use to change just about anything.


Here you can change the text alignment, colour scheme, and shadow settings.

Main Text

Here you have more fine tune controls for the text, such as font, weight, style, colour, size, etc.


Here you can adjust the width and alignment of the module on the page.


Here you can adjust the margins and padding of the module on the page.


Here you can add a border to the module. You might want to combine this with padding (in the spacing section) to give ot some more room.

Box Shadow

Her you can add a shadow to the module.


Here you can add filters to the module such as hue, saturation, and blend modes.


Here you have some tranform tools for the module, such as size, position, and rotation.


Here you can add an entrance animation to the module.

Upcoming Shows Advanced Options

Use the advanced options to give your text module custom CSS ID’s and Classes. Add some custom CSS for advanced styling and designate the module’s visiblity on certain devices.

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