Terms and Conditions

Customers and Visitors

  1. All music and pictures are copyright the respective copyright owners, and purchasing gives you the right to private home use only. Purchasing music does not give you the right to broadcast, synchronise with vision, remix, publicly perform, resell or any other use of the work, unless explicitely given permission by the copyright owner.
  2. Aside from the guarantees granted to you by the Australian Consumer Law, no additional guarantees are given. Mootunes will not give refunds for change of mind.


  1. The artist is responsible for any content uploaded on their site. MooTunes has no liability for the content you upload, including in cases of defamation, copyright or any other legal case.
  2. Artists may only upload or sell content that they own the copyright to, or have permission of the copyright holder to share.
  3. Artists will not make misleading statements about products sold on the site.
  4. Artists may not uploada content that is illegal or incites illegal activities.
  5. Artists may not upload pornographic content.
  6. Artists may not use Mootunes in a way that it clearly wasn’t intended.
  7. Artists may not “hotlink”. Hotlinking is when you embed or link directly to the images and audio on your MooTunes site rather than linking to a page or post – for example, embedding an image on an external website within an img tag, or linking directly to digital download files.
  8. If requested to make a change to their site by MooTunes, the artist must comply as soon as reasonably possible.
  9. Mootunes may take down an artist’s website at its total discretion.